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Music Composed in the Holocaust 


My doctoral dissertation and lecture recital was on the topic of music composed in the Holocaust. Together with Ensemble Rosé, I offer lecture recitals that examine how music was used as emotional sustenance in the Holocaust. On the program are works composed in the concentration camps and ghettos by composers such as Gideon Klein and Zikmund Schul.

Baltimore Bows
Sarah Lowenstein was a founding member of Baltimore Bows . This string music program brings string music instruction to Pikesville children. For many of the children this is their first experience with classical music. Baltimore Bows is now in its third year and already has been featured on NPR as well as The Jewish Times, Mishpacha Magazine and more.  
Chamber Encounters


Sarah Lowenstein was a founding member of Chamber Encounters, an innovative chamber concerts initiative which brings classical music vividly alive, redefining the concert experience using various mediums to explain the context of musical compositions through demonstrations and use of other art forms to magnify the deeper meanings both expressed and implied in the music.  Using a variety of performers,  concerts are geared to the interests of diverse audiences.

Commissioning New Works


In honor of the unexpected passing of a dear friend to many, I organized the commission of Jonathan Leshnoff's Theme and Variations on a Beloved Tune inspired by her favorite Hassidic Nigun. I premiered the work in Goodwin Hall in 2008, and gave an encore performance at An Die Musik in 2011. In 2015, together with Chamber Encounters, I commissioned and premiered a second work by Leshnoff titled "Lekh".